50 Halloween Items To Make Your Home Spooktacular

Halloween items for the time of year when you can go all out and decorate your home with plump pumpkins, creepy crawlies, and ghouls galore. Whether you want cute creations or macabre masterpieces, you are sure to find something from our list. Here are some of the best Halloween items that you can use to decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Twinkle Star LED Light Halloween Tree

Add a little twinkle to your tabletop with this Halloween-themed birch tree. Each tree comes with 24 orange LED lights shaped like tiny pumpkins. This item is perfect as a centerpiece on your dinner table, console, or just about any room in your home. The tree’s branches are adjustable and the lights can be set on a timer.

Changing Face Moving Picture

Visitors to your home are sure to do a double take when looking at these photos. Black-and-white photos by themselves have a creepy vibe, but these changing-face photos are extra eerie. Each photo changes when viewed at a different angle. These make perfect additions to your home for Halloween parties!

6-Piece Small Crows Set

Crows are usually seen as a bad omen, and decorating your home with these small crows are sure to give your visitors a creepy feeling. Each crow measures about 4 inches tall and is made with realistic feathers. The crows’ feet are made with wires so you can perch them just about anywhere in your home.

Apothecary Glass Bottles

Boneyard Dust, Brain Juice, and Poison are just the ingredients you need for a perfect brew! This set of three bottles are coated in matte black powder that keeps the bottles’ contents 100% protected from UV rays. Each bottle can hold 16 ounces of liquid and can be used for tinctures and herbal oils. Not to mention, they also make perfect Halloween decor!

Pumpkin Tea Light Candle

This pumpkin tea light holder makes a great addition to your Halloween decorations. Made with high-quality glass, this item can be used with LED tea light candles or a real tea light candle. The pumpkin tea light holder stands 13 inches high and can be placed on dinner tables, side tables, or on top of your fireplace. The warm, orange light offers the perfect glow for your Halloween party!

Black Obsidian Crystal Ball

Take a look into your future with this obsidian crystal ball as you contact the spirits and see what they have to say. This crystal ball is the perfect decorative item for Halloween. The crystal sphere sits atop a wooden stand that you can place on your mantle or home office. It’s the perfect touch of elegance to your Halloween festivities!

Pumpkin Express Figurine

Add a dash of whimsy to your Halloween decor with this Pumpkin Express figurine. The figurine, which measures 14 inches by 6 inches, makes the perfect addition to your buffet table or mantel. The pumpkin carriages are filled with jolly ghosts that are sure to make your guests smile.

Raven on Skull Decor

This raven perched on a skull is the perfect Halloween decor for your kitchen, dining area, or home office. The figurine is made of resin and stands about 8 inches tall that will make it fit just about anywhere in your home. The item is painted by hand and polished, which makes it have a realistic finish that will impress your visitors.

Ceramic Spider Web Cauldron

This little cauldron lantern is the ideal accessory for Halloween! It is made of stone with a matte finish and has a spider web design for a unique and eerie glow. You can use a tea light candle or an LED light with the lamp. The cauldron measures almost 7 inches high and will make the perfect addition to your table setting.

Transparent Pumpkin Jar

Entice trick or treaters with an assortment of Halloween goods that you can put inside this transparent pumpkin glass jar. If you want something elegant as a Halloween decoration, this pumpkin jar will do the trick. The jar can hold up to 70 ounces and you can put candies, string lights, confetti, or creepy crawlies!

3-Piece Halloween Witch Decoration

This trio of witches is sure to brighten up your home. These cute ceramic witches can be placed individually in different parts of your home or put them all together to form a coven of witches to welcome guests. Put them together with your other Halloween decorations or make them the centerpiece for your Halloween feast!

Halloween Pillow Covers

Change your pillow covers and prepare for the Halloween season with this set of 4 pillow covers. Each cover has a different Halloween-themed design: a witch hat, an owl, a black cat, and a witch’s broom. The color combination is also perfect for Halloween!

Bottle of Boos LED Wine Bottle

A bottle of boos is just what you need to top off your festive Halloween feast! This decorative item features three ghosts trapped inside a frosted wine bottle. Inside the bottle are LED lights that give off a soft glow that makes this decorative item the perfect centerpiece to your dinner table.

Linen Halloween Pillow Covers

If you don’t want the usual fall colors associated with Halloween for your decorations, you can go with the neutral colors black and white. This set of four pillow covers can be used throughout the year as well. Each pillow cover is made from cotton linen material and is ideal for your living room, home office, or bedroom.

Haunted Dancing Broom

Give your guests a fright with this haunted dancing broom! This plastic broom is perched on top of a moving contraption that will move smoothly on your floor. Best of all, it also produces creepy cackles that will leave your guests spooked!

Disposable Halloween Dinnerware

Who would want to wash the dishes after a hearty Halloween feast? Not us! With this set of disposable Halloween dinnerware, you won’t have to worry about doing the dishes after a night of partying. This set consists of paper plates, utensils, paper cups, and paper napkins for 24 people.

Chipboard Bat Chandelier

Not all of us can afford a fancy chandelier. Thankfully, you can assemble one yourself to use for your Halloween party. This chipboard chandelier with bats will make a great Halloween decoration for your home. The chandelier comes with easy assembly instructions and comes with accent beads and holographic bats. Hang it anywhere in your home where you need a fancy accent!

Black Balloons

What’s a party without balloons? With these black balloons, the Halloween party you are going to throw is sure to be poppin’! Each set comes with 100 balloons and a spool of ribbon that measures 65 yards. Leave the balloons on the ground or make a balloon arch in your home!

Decorative Black Bat Decals

Decorate your walls, doors, or mirrors with these bat decals. The set comes with 48 pieces of bats in four varying sizes. Each decal is made of PVC waterproof material that you can use to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces. They come with double-sided sticky tape for easy application and removal.

White Decorative Pumpkins

Add a bit of elegance to your home while keeping the Halloween spirit alive with this set of decorative pumpkins. The set includes 11 pieces of foam pumpkins that come in different sizes. You can display these pumpkins in a basket, make a wreath out of them, or place them in different areas in your home.

Halloween Lace Decor

Simply changing your tablecloths and mantel covers can do wonders for the feel of your home. For Halloween, change up your style with this set of lace decorations. This set comes with 4 placemats, a lamp cover, a mantel cover, a tablecloth, and a round table cover. Combine this set with your other Halloween decorations for a creepy dinner party!

Oogie Boogie Mist Maker

Make your Halloween even more exciting with this mist maker! This mist maker features the character Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Steam, which comes out of Oogie Boogie’s mouth, is activated with a clap. The mist maker also features lights and sounds!

Halloween Pumpkin LED Lights

Light up your home with this string of LED lights! Each string comes with 20 LED pumpkins. These can be used indoors and outdoors and you can control the lights with the 8 preset lighting modes. The brightness level of the lights can also be changed.

Halloween Patchwork Throw Blanket

If elaborate decorations aren’t your cup of tea, this throw blanket might just be what you are looking for. The blanket features fall colors in a patchwork design and is made of super soft fleece, ideal for keeping you warm during the cold fall nights.

3-Piece Canvas Spider Web Wall Art

Not all Halloween decorations must go down when the season is over. This wall art is something you can leave all-year-round. The canvas art comes in a set of three and features a spider web design. Hang this set in your living room, over your fireplace, or in your bedroom for a simple and sophisticated Halloween decor.

Tiny Tombstone Figurine Set

These cute tombstones make great accent pieces for your Halloween spread. You can use them as part of your Halloween village or place them together with your Halloween decorations. The set comes with six unique tombstones that stand 1 to 2 inches in height.

Mickey & Minnie Halloween Countdown Figure

Those who love Halloween are sure to start the countdown early. Keep track of the remaining days before your favorite holiday with this Mickey & Minnie countdown figurine. This authentic figure from Disney Parks features Mickey and Minnie in their fancy Halloween garb.

Silicone Skull Mold

This silicone skull mold will give you creepy ice cubes to enjoy with your drinks during Halloween! The huge ice cubes melt slowly, allowing you to enjoy your cool drink. The silicone mold can also be used for chocolate, muffins, or even soaps.

Living Tree Decoration

Scare your visitors even before they approach your home with this living tree Halloween decoration. This decor comes with two arms that look like bark and a scary-looking face that you can easily attach to any tree in your yard and make it come alive!

Ouija Board Door Mat

Communicate with the spirits and welcome them into your home with this ouija board doormat. This is a great way to welcome trick or treaters and party guests into your home. The mat is made of durable materials with a neoprene rubber backing, which is ideal for different surfaces. What are the spirits trying to tell you? Find out.

Lit Haunted House Decor

A haunted house is easily what comes to mind when it comes to Halloween. Complete your Halloween village with this 9-inch tall haunted house that lights up! With its dilapidated walls, broken roof and windows, and a gargoyle, it is sure to give your visitors a spook.

Bloody Candelabra

Candles all over your home can help you achieve an ominous vibe for Halloween. However, this one is not just any candelabra. Create a sinister vibe in your home with this creepy candelabra with candles dripping with blood. this will make the perfect centerpiece for you Halloween spread!

Haunted House Centerpiece LED Lantern

A group of ghosts happily celebrating Halloween in a haunted house makes this lantern the ideal decoration for your patio or tabletop. The lantern is designed as a haunted house and glass panels show the merry ghosts inhabiting their home. The lantern comes with a flameless candle that gives off a soft, warm glow.

Corelle 8-Piece Halloween Appetizer Plate Set

Add a bit of whimsy to your dinnerware this Halloween season with this set of Corelle appetizer plates. This set is great for Halloween parties and features for unique designs featuring a black cat, a pumpkin, bats, and a mummy.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Figurine

This figure is a must-have for any fan of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is a great addition for your collection and may also be used as a Halloween decoration. The handcrafted figure features Jack Skellington, Sally, Mayor, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

Spider Web Lace Tablecloth

If you don’t have much space for Halloween decorations but still want to have a festive feel in your home, this spider web lace tablecloth is the perfect way to beautify your home. This tablecloth features black lace spider webs over an orange cloth. The tiny spiders hanging on the hem add a cute touch!

Fake Body Parts

Scare your friends and family with this set of severed body parts. The set comes with 14 pieces — 10 fingers, 2 hands, a foot, and an arm. Use them as decorative items, or hide them in different parts of your home to scare your visitors!

6-Piece Skull Shot Glass Set

This set of 6 skull shot glasses is the perfect way to add a little style to your Halloween party. What is more creepier than having drinks out a skull? You can also use these little skulls to decorate your home in other ways by filling them with confetti, glitters, or even a small plant.

Pose-N-Stay Skeleton

Invite a skeleton into your home with this pose-n-stay skeleton. This is the ultimate Halloween decor that you can use indoors or outdoors. The skeleton, which stands 5-feet-tall, is made of plastic with joints that can be locked in place so you can post it which way you want. Let him hang hang out on your lawn or welcome your guests at the front door. The possibilities are endless!

Moving Books Decor

If you want your Halloween decorations to blend in with the items in your home, then this set of animated books is perfect for you. These books feature Halloween-themed authors and titles that are perfect for the holiday. As a special treat, the books tilt and make sounds — a special surprise for visitors in your home.

Set of 3 Hanging Ghosts

Have a trio of ghosts welcome your visitors as they set foot into your home. This set of hanging ghosts come with three facial expressions and posable arms that you can alter any which way. Each ghost measures 36 inches tall. They are ideal for hanging on trees in your garden or even inside your home.

Orange Dripless Candles

Special events and holidays can be made more festive with the presence of candles. With this set of a dozen orange dripless candles, you can create an elegant spread for your Halloween feast. These high-quality candles can be used both indoors and outdoors and burn for hours, giving you a warm glow that sets an ominous mood for the perfect Halloween party.

Skeleton Garden Stakes

Do you have skeletons in your closet? Or maybe someone buried in your garden? They would make for great Halloween decorations! This set of garden stakes has a skeleton design that will leave greet your visitors with a fright!The set comes with two skeleton arms and a skull that you can place in your garden!

Halloween Nun 3D Door Sticker

Would anyone dare enter your home with The Nun guarding your front door? Fans of The Conjuring are sure to recognize the scary nun. This 3D sticker that you can place on your door or window is sure to make visitors think twice before ringing your bell.

Halloween Ghost String Lights

What’s cuter than a group of ghosts hanging out at your Halloween party? This string light consists of 20 LED lights that feature smiling ghosts. The warm light the bulbs emit provides an eerie glow ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Flameless Candles Set of 9

Sometimes, all you need are plenty of candles to create an eerie feeling for Halloween. However, you don’t want to start a fire in your home. Thankfully, you can use this set of 9 flameless candles that you can spread throughout your home. The candles come in different heights and can be turned on or off with the accompanying remote control.

Halloween Doorbell with Eyeball

Scare your guest even before they set foot into your home with this Halloween doorbell that is both fun and functional. The doorbell has an animated eye that lights up and turns around when someone comes to your door. It also emits a scary sound and provides a good scare for trick or treaters.

Set of 2 Bird Skeleton Props

if human skulls and skeletons aren’t your style, then this set of bird skeletons might be a good alternative. The set comes with 2 bird skeletons that has moveable wings so you can display them any which way you like. You can perch these on trees, your tabletop or on a mantel.

Vampire Bat Hanging Figurine

Decorating your indoor space for Halloween may be a breeze, but what about the outdoors? This hanging bat figurine will do the trick. Hang these realistic-looking bats on the branches of your tree to prepare your outdoor area for Halloween.

Set of 6 Vintage Style Wine Bottle Stickers

You can make your own Halloween decorations using old wine bottles and a set of these vintage-style stickers. The stickers provide the ingredients for each brew. Use food-coloring and water to come up with different-colored potions. Place them in your kitchen or mantle to impress your guests with your potion collection!