50 Halloween Accessories To Get You Into The Spirit

For some, Halloween is the most exciting holiday. It’s the time to get dressed up in your favorite Halloween accessories, costumes, eat lots of candy, go trick or treating, and have fun with your friends and family at Halloween parties. Although you can’t be in your festive costume all through the month of October, you can wear some jewelry and accessories that will get you into the Halloween spirit. Check them out here!

Betsey Johnson Pave Cat Necklace

They say black cats are bad luck, but not this one. This super cute necklace from Betsey Johnson features a cat covered in pave crystals, with gold whiskers and rhinestones on its ears. The pendant hangs from a 16-inch necklace that has a 3-inch extender. This is a great Halloween accessory for cat lovers!

Organic Bone Skull Earrings

Nothing says Halloween like a pair of skulls. This pair of stud earrings is made from real animal bones and is fashioned after human skulls. You can rock this pair daily or give them as treats to your friends for Halloween. 5% of the profit from sales of items from this store goes to environmental charities. No animals were harmed in the production of this product.

Spell Book Enamel Pin

This super cute pink-and-purple spell book enamel pin is just what you need to show off your witchy side. Pin it on your shirt or bag and get into the Halloween mood. Match them with other pins and attach them to a jacket to create a cute and colorful Halloween-centric outfit.

Huggie Hoop Spider Dangling Earrings

This pair of beautiful huggie hoop earrings is as elegant as it is spooky. It’s the perfect accessory to complete a Halloween look. The hoops are encrusted with cubic zirconia pieces and each earring has a spider dangling on it. The earrings are created for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic. Sparkle your way to Halloween parties and special events with these little spiders.

Disney Villains Necklace

Embrace your inner villain this Halloween season with the help of this Disney Villains necklace. The necklace comes with several charms representing the different villains we all know and love from Disney movies. Cruella De Vil, Ursula, Maleficent, and other villains are represented. The charms also come with colored glass stones that make them more special. This is the perfect Halloween accessory for a Disney lover.

Black Spider Statement Necklace

Spiders can be creepy or beautiful, depending on who you ask. We know you’ll love this spider statement necklace from Lux Accessories. It features a 2.1-inch spider pendant with a black stone on the body. The pendant hangs from a black chain necklace. This is one creepy and cool necklace that you can wear to prepare for Halloween!

Betsey Johnson Mismatched Linear Earrings

This pair of dangling earrings from designer Betsey Johnson is as sweet as candy. Each earring hangs 3.25 inches long and features Halloween-centric designs such as candy corn, a jack-o-lantern, a spider, and lips with fangs. Some of the pieces glow in the dark, which is great for Halloween parties.

Ghost Drop Dangle Earrings

Ghosts don’t have to be scary at all. Just look at these ones on this pair of dangling earrings. This is a super cute Halloween accessory that can with just about anything you wear. The earrings’ ear hooks are easy to wear and would be awesome with your Halloween attire or costume. The pair also makes a nice gift for friends and family.

Betsey Johnson Bat Bangle

Bats and vampires, oh my! This super cool bangle from Betsey Johnson will help you get your groove on for the Halloween season. The bangle itself is in a dark color and the oil-slick/iridescent bats and red lips with fangs stand out beautifully. Anyone who loves vampires is sure to love this accessory.

Cat Cameo Dangling Earrings

These elegant black cat cameo earrings are just what you need to elevate your Halloween attire. The cameo is made of pewter and does not tarnish over time. The earrings are 2.5 inches long and hang from surgical steel ear wires that prevent allergic reactions. This pair of earrings also make a nice gift for a special occasion.

Harry Potter Cauldron Earrings

Harry Potter fans will love these earrings. These are officially licensed Harry Potter earrings featuring potion cauldrons — the perfect earrings for Halloween! Each earring is made of silver-plated metal with a brushed finish. Unleash your inner wizard with these cute cauldron earrings.

Spider Web Enamel Pin

This spider web enamel pin is sure to catch anyone’s attention — or a few flies. Attach the pin to your lapel, bag, or just anywhere you can think of to get ready for Halloween. This is an awesome piece made of high-quality materials and fastens with a butterfly clutch on the backside.

Yellow Gold Jack O’Lantern Charm

This Halloween pumpkin is like no other. This bracelet charm is made of 10k yellow gold with a fine finish and is perfect for any elegant Halloween outfit, or for everyday use. This also makes the perfect gift for those who love Halloween. The charm comes in a special box, ready for gifting.

Horror Movies Charm Bracelet

If you’re a fan of the horror movie genre, then this is the perfect Halloween accessory for you. This bracelet consists of charms featuring characters and items from your favorite classic horror movies including IT, Chuckie, Scream, and more. Between each charm hangs a blood-red bead.

Sterling Silver Pumpkin Necklace

Nothing says Halloween like a jolly Jack-o-Lantern! This Halloween necklace features a pumpkin pendant complete with a witch’s hat, a fang, and a blood-red gem. The pumpkin is made of hypoallergenic sterling silver and hangs from an 18-inch necklace. The jewelry also makes a nice gift for those who love Halloween.

Ribcage and Roses Cameo Necklace

This cameo necklace is the perfect accessory to elevate your look this Halloween season. The cameo features a drawing of a ribcage decorated with elegant red roses. The drawing is encased in an oval cabochon and framed with black filigree. The pendant hangs from an 18-inch black chain.

Moon Phase Bangle

Count down the days to a full moon with the help of this moon phase bangle. This is not just a beautiful Halloween accessory, it’s also good for everyday use. The bangle is slightly adjustable and features 9 lunar moon faces. It also makes a great gift for friends who love astronomy.

Ghost Enamel Pin

Halloween is for ghouls and ghosts and this enamel pin represents just that. Get ready for your favorite Holiday and attach the pin to your clothing or bag. The pin is made of high-quality jeweler metal. Show off your love for ghosts or mix and match other Halloween-themed enamel pins to spruce up your ensemble.

Silver Bat Luminous Necklace

This cute little bat resting is protecting a treasure! This Halloween-themed necklace features a bat made of sterling silver. Its wings have pretty swirls and beneath them is a luminous bead that glows in the dark. Spend time under the sun to charge the bead and watch as it glows in a dark room. It’s the perfect Halloween accessory for parties and trick-or-treating.

Vampire Bat Wire Bangle

This vampire bat bangle is just exquisite. Its simple yet elegant design can be word for Halloween parties or just to accessorize your everyday look. The bangle is made of copper and has a rose gold tint. The bangle itself is slightly adjustable. This also makes a great gift for friends who love Halloween as much as you do.

Tarantula Spider Ring

You’ve never seen a tarantula as beautiful as this one. This accessory is sure to get you into the Halloween spirit. The tarantula features different shades of purple. The body is made of etched stones the tarantula’s legs feature different colors of purple rhinestones. The ring’s band is stretchable to ensure comfort. This is sure to be a conversation starter.

Pentagram of Branches Hoop Earrings

Show off your inner witch with this pair of pentagram of branches earrings. if you love wearing hoop earrings, then this is certainly your style. The earrings are made of a gunmetal color that can go with just about anything you wear. With these earrings, you can be a style modern-day witch for Halloween.

Skull Strand Bracelet

This simple strand bracelet is a nice addition to any Halloween outfit. The bracelet features skull beads that are perfect for the Halloween season. The beads are strung on an elastic band so they can fit just about any size of wrist. You can also stack several bangles on one wrist to form a cuff. This makes an awesome gift for your friends as well.

Know Your Power Crystal Ball Enamel Pin

Wear this enamel pin as a reminder of the powers that you have within yourself. Attach the pin to your clothes, bags, and hats, or gift them to your friends to show them how special they are. This enamel pin features a crystal ball and a crescent moon, fitting for the Halloween season.

Black Net Lace Choker with Spider

Complete your Halloween look with this black lace choker featuring a black spider at the center. This choker is super comfortable as it is made of spandex. It’s a simple yet eye-catching accessory that can elevate plain attire.

Studio Ghibli Jiji Necklace

Studio Ghibli fans and those who love the movie Kiki’s Deliver Service are sure to love this necklace. It features Kiki’s cat, Jiji, hanging on a broom. The pendant is approximately 2 inches and is a great Halloween accessory. The chain measures 16 inches and includes a 3-inch extender.

Retro Skeleton Waitress Enamel Pin

This super cool retro enamel pin is just what you need to show your love for Halloween. It features a retro-style skeleton waitress serving the most delicious pie. Just don’t ask us what’s in the pie. Judging from the blood spatter on the waitress’ uniform, you might not want to know the answer.

Feral Bones Cat Necklace

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a black cat? Now you know. This beautiful cat necklace shows off the skeletal structure of a cat. The pendant, which is approximately 1.5 inches long, is made of high-quality stainless steel. It hangs from a 28-inch metal necklace. This is a cool Halloween accessory for cat lovers.

Betsey Johnson Ghost Earrings

Halloween is a fun holiday and that’s just what these earrings are. Each earring features a ghost with a ribbon and a cobweb with an oil-slick finish. The earrings are decorated with purple and iridescent stones that shine when they catch the light. Each earring is 2.5 inches in length and has a lever-back closure for comfort.

Nightmare Before Christmas Coffin Necklace

Jack Skellington and Sally are one of the couples celebrated during the Halloween season. This Nightmare Before Christmas-themed necklace features a coffin pendant with a faceted black crystal. Two of the coffin’s sides are engraved with the words “simply meant to be” and “true love never dies.” The pendant hangs from a chain necklace with beads. This necklace also makes a wonderful gift for your significant other.

Cat Stud Earrings

These magical earrings look like rain droplets and feature a black cat sitting on a crescent moon and looking toward a star. The earrings are perched on stainless steel butterfly backs that are comfortable to wear. This is a simple accessory you can wear to get into the Halloween spirit.

Betsey Johnson Pumpkin Hook Drop Earrings

Betsey Johnson knows how to do it in style. These drop earrings are spooky and spectacular. Each earring has a cute jack-o-lantern adorned with orange glitter. They are attached to a gold-colored ear wire with little stone accents. The stones and glitters shimmer which makes this pair of earrings ideal for Halloween parties and celebrations.

Full Hand Skeleton Bracelet with Rings

This piece of jewelry is unique and exquisite. The skeleton hand is a cuff that extends to your five fingers that you wear as rings. The gunmetal color is perfect for just about any outfit. The accessory features a skull and some gray-colored stones perched on an intricate design. This is sure to make you the center of attention at any Halloween event.

Black Spider Ring

Sometimes, all you need is a simple accessory to get into the Halloween spirit. Take this spider ring, for example. This ring features an alloy spider in black. It sits on an adjustable ring band, which makes it ideal for just about everyone. Wear this ring during Halloween parties and special events to elevate a simple look.

Black Lips With Fangs Earrings

This simple pair of stud earrings features a vampire’s luscious lips. The lips are painted a glossy black which provides a nice backdrop to the pearly-white fangs. Each earring is attached to surgical steel posts which makes the earrings comfortable to wear all day. Wear this to a Halloween party or throughout the month of October to show your love for vampires.

Skeleton Necklace

This cute Halloween accessory will make your day. This necklace features a skeleton pendant hanging by its arms from a silver chain necklace. Its hands and legs move at the joints too. The pendant is approximately 3.5 inches long and hangs from a 26-inch-long necklace. (My favorite skeleton is from the article about The Nightmare Before Christmas gifts)

Ouija Glitter Planchette Earrings

Contact the spirits and greet them a Happy Halloween when you wear this pair of ouija board planchette earrings. Each earring features letters and numbers just like those you see on an ouija board. They hang 2.25 inches long from hypoallergenic ear hooks. Anyone who’s into ghosts is sure to love these unique earrings.

Skeleton Dangle Earrings

These elegant skeleton earrings will elevate your attire for Halloween parties. Each earring measures 4 inches in length and features crystals all throughout. They sparkle under the light and make great conversation pieces. They’re also cool Halloween gifts for your friends. Skellington, Skellington.

Black Cat Drop Earrings

These fashionable earrings are something you can wear all year round. Each dangling earring features a black cat hanging from a rhinestone. Not only is this a great accessory for Halloween, it’s also a nice gift to give your friends who are cat lovers. The earrings come in a gift box, ready for giving.

Betsey Johnson Mummy Bear Necklace

If you’re into cute stuff but still want to be in tune with the Halloween spirit, then this might just be the necklace that you need. The bear pendant is encrusted with pink stones and a bowtie, but he is ready to go trick-or-treating as he is partially wrapped like a mummy. The bear is 1.75 inches long and hangs from a 32-inch black metal chain with a 3-inch extender.

Layered Web and Bat Necklace

This layered necklace is a beautiful gift for someone who enjoys Halloween. The first layer is a choker chain necklace. The second layer features a super cute spider web pendant, and the longest layer has a bat pendant. It’s the perfect accessory to match your Halloween attire and you get three necklaces in one.

Betsey Johnson Mismatched Earrings

This pair of earrings is simply unique. Each earring has a different design but still keeps with the Halloween theme. One earring is a spider’s web with an oil-slick finish embellished with iridescent and teal-colored stones. The other earring is a teal-colored spider with white stripes. This is a super cute accessory to wear for Halloween parties.

Dangling Skeleton Earrings

These skeletons are holding on to your ear for dear life. Each skeleton earring attaches to your ear lobe by its hand while the rest of its body dangles freely. On the other hand is a jack-o-lantern candy bag. These earrings make nice companions for trick-or-treating or Halloween parties. Each earring is 1.25 inches long.

Cat Skeleton Enamel Pin

This cute Halloween cat is ready to party! this enamel pin is a skeleton cat that you can attach to the lapel of your jacket, your bag, clothes, or accessories. It is 1.5 inches long and made of high-quality enamel. The pin is secured with butterfly clasps so are sure that the pin will stay wherever you attach it to. Use the pin with other Halloween-themed accessories to celebrate your favorite holiday!

Betsey Johnson Spiderweb Necklace

This statement necklace will help add a bit of dazzle to your attire this Halloween season. The necklace from designer Betsey Johnson has a spiderweb pendant with various colors of stones. A teal spider with white stripes is on the web as well. In addition, some parts of the spider glow in the dark, which makes this a cool accessory for Halloween parties.

Vintage Black Lace Choker with Bat

Look like an elegant vampire queen with the help of this vintage-style black lace choker with a bat pendant. The necklace is decked with detailed designs, chains, and a few stones. It encloses with a clasp and includes an extender to ensure comfort for the wearer. Even a simple dress can be improved with the help of this choker that is perfect for Halloween.

Spiderweb Brooch with Dangling Spider

This sparkly brooch is a wonderful addition to a plain Halloween outfit. It features a spiderweb adorned with crystal rhinestones of different sizes. At the bottom of the brooch is a tiny spider hanging from the web. The spider’s body is made of a dark gray stone. In addition, the brooch comes with a loop so you can convert it into a pendant easily.

Betsey Johnson Cat Mask Chandelier Earrings

These cat mask earrings make great accessories for Halloween parties and masquerades. Each earring has a cat-shaped mask with whiskers decked with glitters. The earring hangs from gold chains that connect to a lever back closure with a small rhinestone. Each earring hangs 2 inches long.

Skull and Rose Necklace

This special necklace comes with a pendant made of lead-free brass and colored a dark shade. The skull has stones for its eyes and even has a stone-encrusted brain inside. A black rose decorated with purple stones is between the skull’s teeth. This necklace makes a great Halloween accessory or a gift for your significant other.

Sterling Silver Halloween Charm Bracelet

Anyone who loves Halloween is sure to appreciate this Halloween-themed charm bracelet. It features different charms such as a ghost, pumpkin, spiderweb and spider, and beads in orange and black. Some of the beads are encrusted with cubic zirconia stones that make them shimmer. This is truly something wonderful to give to someone special.