95 Freddie Mercury Gifts That Will Rock You

Thunderbolts and lightning! Bohemian Rhapsody, a movie telling the story of the rock band Queen came out in November 2018. The film focuses on who many consider to be the greatest frontman in rock history – Freddie Mercury.

Many Queen fans loved watching the biopic, and while many had reservations about what it chose to show – and not show – Bohemian Rhapsody became a hit, not only among pop culture enthusiasts and fans of the band but also those keen on seeing versatile actor Rami Malek’s award-winning portrayal of the charismatic lead vocalist.

If you’ve got a few friends who are devoted fans of Freddie Mercury and Queen, we’ve got fab gifts just for them. And if you’re also a Queenie, darling, make sure to get yourself some of these fantastic Freddie Mercury gifts that absolutely rock.

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Queen Collectibles & Memorabilia

1. Freddie Mercury Montreux Statue 

Freddie Mercury Montreux Statue

When Queen’s Freddie Mercury needed some peace and quiet during his last years, he spent a lot of time in the lakeside town of Montreux in Switzerland, where Queen recorded seven of their albums in the studio they bought there. Freddie considered Montreux his second home.

Five years after his death, a 3-meter-high bronze statue of Freddie was erected by the lakeside. The statue, sculpted by Czech artist Irena Sedlecka, faces Lake Geneva. Its epitaph, written by Brian May, reads “Lover of Life, Singer of Songs.”

This Freddie Mercury statue is a faithful reproduction of the Montreux sculpture. Done in 1/14th scale, it is made from epoxy resin and comes with a Certificate of Origin in a bespoke gift box. It’s one of the best Freddie Mercury gifts you can give to a Queen fan.

2. Queen: Live At The Rainbow ’74

How about watching Queen perform? This is a view of Queen performing live at the ‘Queen At The Rainbow’ concert on March 31, 1974, at The Rainbow Bar and Grill in 1974.

Some reviews about this film compare it to a time capsule being opened, rekindling their memories of that tour. Footage of the concert is what can be expected of the technology at that time, but seeing the raw footage, and hearing it in DTS-HD makes it worth it.

3. Queen Crest Fabric Poster/Flag

Show off your love for Queen with this fabric poster/flag of the Queen crest. The crest is printed onto sheer soft fabric. At 44″ x 30″, it’s big enough for a lot of things. You can hang it, fly it, or wear it!

4. Freddie Mercury Photo

Glossy Photo of Freddie Mercury

This glossy, black and white photo of Freddie is as simple and as classic as can be. It’s pure Mercury at his best, with his iconic pose to his fans during his concerts.

5. ‘A Night at the Opera’ Retro Art Print

‘A Night at the Opera’ is Queen’s fourth studio album and it’s where you can find Freddie’s baby, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” This retro collectible is printed in black print. It uses Acid-Free Recycled paper with 30% post-consumer waste, which gives it an even more timely look.

Clothing & Costumes

6. Freddie Mercury Costume

Freddie Mercury costume

You know all of his songs. You’ve copied his moves in the secrecy of your bedroom. Now you can really be the great Freddie Mercury.

This outfit includes Freddie’s trademark yellow jacket and white trousers from Queen’s 1986 Wembley concert. All you need is a mustache (we have one for you below) and a pair of Adidas shoes, and you’re good to go!

7. Freddie Mercury ‘I Want To Break Free’ Costume

Freddie Mercury I Want To Break Free Costume

Another iconic Freddie Mercury look is that of the pointy-chested glam housewife for the band’s “I Want To Break Free” music video. It was actually Roger Taylor’s idea for them to dress up in drag, and they all pulled it off excellently. We love everything about Freddie’s look – something you can recreate yourself with this costume set. Don’t forget your heels – and your Hoover!

8. Freddie Mercury Iconic Poses Shirt

Freddie Mercury iconic poses shirt

Three levels of Freddie awesomeness in one shirt! These iconic poses are from the 1986 Wembley concerts. This is a cool gift idea for any Freddie Mercury fan!

9. ‘A Night at the Opera’ Shirt

A Night at the Opera shirt

This Night at the Opera shirt is something really nice to wear when you’re Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon with Good Company or going on a Seaside Rendezvous. You can also give it to your Sweet Lady or BFF of course, but avoid saying something like ‘You’re My Best Friend, but I’m in Love With My Car. It’s the Love of My Life.’ You’re bound to be cursed to who knows where and kept there, no matter how loudly you sing your Bohemian Rhapsody.

10. Bohemian Rhapsody ‘Keep Calm’ Shirt

Keep Calm shirt

Carry on, carry on – this ‘Keep Calm’ shirt has that unique Freddie Mercury flavor that Queen fans will surely appreciate. Featuring lyrics from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ this Freddie Mercury T-shirt is a great gift that can have anyone singing with all the emotion Freddie put into the song.

11. ‘I Want To Break Free’ Shirt

The image of Freddie Mercury as a sassy, Hoover-pushing housewife is one of our absolute favorites in the history of Queen music videos. We’re pretty sure bassist John Deacon, who wrote ‘I Want To Break Free,’ had no idea this was going to happen:

…but we’re happy it did, because now we have women’s T-shirts like this:

I Want To Break Free shirt

…for Queen fans to wear whenever they feel they want to break free.

12. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Lyrics Shirt

Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics shirt

In the trailer for the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, we see this scene:

“So now what?” says Brian, after playing a riff.

“This is when the operatic section comes in,” answers Freddie.

“Ah, the operatic section, yeah,” says Brian, not too sure.

Freddie Mercury’s genius with words and music can be heard in songs such as ‘The March of the Black Queen,’ ‘Killer Queen,’ ‘Somebody to Love,’ ‘Love of My Life,’ and of course, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ among many other hits. One look at this shirt and you’ll already know where the words on it are from. It’s bound to start an operatic section sing-along.

13. Freddie Mercury Face Shirt

Freddie Mercury face shirt

We have mixed feelings about the ‘Hot Space’ album but we do fancy the band’s faces on it. This shirt shows Freddie’s face as shown on the album cover – it’s instantly recognizable for miles.

14. ‘Radio Ga Ga’ Shirt

Radio Ga Ga shirt

Fantastically futuristic, the music video for the Roger Taylor-penned ‘Radio Ga Ga‘ definitely counts as a fave. The band’s in this flying car (with a microphone for steering it around!), wearing outfits that seem to be a fusion of leather and strips of red cloth wrapped around their bodies. It’s where people first saw the fists in the air-clapping gesture that those who attended the 1985 Live Aid concert did so perfectly.

This Queen T-shirt immortalizes the band’s futuristic looks for the video. A must-have for Queen fans everywhere!

15. ‘I’m Going Slightly Mad’ Shirt

“I’m coming down with a fever / I’m really out to sea / This kettle is boiling over / I think I’m a banana tree” – I’m Going Slightly Mad

On the set of the music video for ‘I’m Going Slightly Mad,’ Freddie Mercury was overheard as saying that he wanted to make the video as memorable as possible. He said he had always wanted to costar with a gorilla and a bunch of penguins in a video – “a little bit of Queen madness.”

Thanks to that quirky song and its equally zany video, we have shirts like this:

Freddie Mercury Slightly Mad shirt

…which are perfect for your “just very slightly mad” friends on their birthday!

16. Freddie Mercury Harlequin Print Shirt Dress

In 2012, Freddie Mercury’s black and white harlequin stage costume sold for $35,212 (£22,500) at a Bonhams auction.

Freddie Mercury harlequin stage costume
Credits: brianmay.com
Freddie Mercury harlequin print dress

Well, you can (partly) have a piece of this iconic costume yourself with this shirt dress that features a silhouette of Freddie wearing his harlequin. This is also a great Valentine’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift, Christmas gift, or “just because” gift for your loved one who loves Freddie Mercury.

17. Queen at Live Aid Shirt

Queen’s performance at the 1985 Live Aid concert is considered one of the best moments in music history. It’s been called the “20 minutes that changed music” and for good reason – Queen commanded the entire Wembley Stadium. Freddie had everyone eating out the palm of his hand. Nobody expected the effect they would have on the crowd – not even the band themselves, who were still suffering a bit of a backlash from a series of shows they did in apartheid South Africa the year before.

But perform they did.

This Queen T-shirt commemorates that legendary Live Aid performance that July evening in 1985. That performance spurred the band to embark on The Magic Tour, which would turn out to be their last with Freddie and John.

18. It’s A Meow Life Shirt

It's A Meow Life Shirt

“I think we looked more stupid in this video than any other artist has looked in a video,” Roger Taylor says about the music vid for ‘It’s A Hard Life,’ where you can see the band in some fancy-fantastic costumes. Roger refers to what Freddie was wearing as a “giant Mediterranean prawn outfit.”

Whether you love or hate the video, you sure gotta love the song – a poignant look into how Freddie feels about his own difficulties in forming a deep, meaningful relationship.

From that song we have this Freddie Mercury T-shirt that says “It’s a meow life” and shows a Freddie-kitty wearing the Freddie-prawn costume (Freddie loves cats, as we’re sure you already know). This would make a great gift for Freddie and cat lovers out there.

19. ‘News of the World’ Front Page Shirt


Queen fans know Frank, the robot who appears on the cover of the ‘News of the World’ album. Frank was also animated for the Queen + Adam Lambert tour in 2017-2018 to honor the 40th anniversary of the album’s release.

Frank is named for the artist Frank Kelly Freas, who altered his painting on the October 1953 issue of Astounding Science Fiction to turn it into the album cover for the band.

This Queen T-shirt shows the two paintings Freas did for the band, one for the album cover itself and another for the inner cover or gatefold.

20. Queen 1977 American Tour Sweatshirt

American Tour 1977 sweatshirt

Queen did a News of the World Tour in late 1977 with the United States as a jump-off point. The tour features the first-ever performances of ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘We Are the Champions,’ as well as the acoustic version of ‘Love of My Life.’ The fast version of  ‘We Will Rock You’ – which was not on any officially released studio album – opened the shows for this tour.

This sweatshirt is an official Queen merchandise that commemorates the band’s rocking of the States in ’77. Look, there’s Frank!

21. Queen 1973 Sweatshirt

Queen 1973 sweatshirt

1973 was one of the toughest years in Queen history – the band was trying its best to promote its first album while recording its second, to no great success. But we love that year for its flashy stage costumes and fabulous photoshoots. This sweatshirt features a photo that brilliantly captures old-school Queen, when they were really struggling to make it big.

22. Freddie For A Day Hoodie

Freddie For A Day hoodie

Freddie For A Day is held every Sept. 5, Freddie Mercury’s birthday, in celebration of his life. It brings people together to dress as Freddie to raise awareness and funds in support of the work done by the Mercury Phoenix Trust, a charity organization that fights HIV/AIDS around the world. Although the event is held traditionally on the 5th of September, you can hold your own Freddie For A Day any day of the year.

All of the net proceeds from the sale of all official Freddie For A Day merchandise, like this red hoodie, are donated to The Mercury Phoenix Trust. Giving this as a gift for someone you love will not only make them happy, it will also benefit a good cause!

23. Flash Gordon Shirt

Flash Gordon shirt

Two reasons to buy this print men’s T-shirt: 1) Queen made the theme song (Brian wrote it) for the 1980 film ‘Flash Gordon’ and 2) Freddie wore this Flash shirt in the music video for ‘Play The Game.’ It’s not the exact same shirt of course, but this comes really close to the real thing. You can definitely wear this when you do your Freddie For A Day.

24. ‘Bicycle Race’ Baby Onesie 

Bicycle Race onesie

For the tiny Queenies! It’s never too early to get the little ones started with Queen. The earlier they know what good music is, the sooner they’ll learn to figure out which songs of today are simply trash. The Freddie-penned tune ‘Bicycle Race’ is cutie-fied in this onesie, and it’s so adorable you’ll wish there was a onesie for adults as well!

25. Freddie Mercury Signature Shirt

Freddie Mercury signature shirt

Lucky are the few who were able to have Freddie Mercury’s authentic signature on all sorts of memorabilia. For the many others, there’s this shirt with possibly the biggest Freddie signature ever. Not an authentic signature of course, but recognizable just the same. It’s simple but the impact is huge.

26. Freddie Mercury at Live Aid Tank Top

Freddie Mercury at Live Aid tank top

This tank top features an image of Freddie during Queen’s 1985 Live Aid performance.

27. Evolution of a Rock Icon Raglan

Evolution of a Rock Icon shirt

From a simple-minded creature to a legendary genius. Nobody really comes close to Freddie.


28. Freddie For A Day Badge Set

Wear them on your shirt, put them on your bag or guitar strap, pin them on your cap – whatever you do with these badges, wear them proud!

Freddie for a Day badge set

29. Freddie For A Day Clip-On Moustache

Here’s the ‘stache we’ve been telling you about. This is the official Freddie For A Day clip-on replica mustache for all you Queenies out there. Buy a whole lot and you can turn the whole class or office into Freddie while supporting the fight against AIDS. You are the champions!

Freddie Mercury Moustache

30. Freddie For A Day Tote Bag

Put all of your Freddie Mercury gifts in this tote bag or give this to someone who really likes to shop!

Freddie for a Day Tote Bag

31. Freddie Mercury Crown Pin

Show your love for Freddie every day with this crown pin. This pin is outlined in gold metal and affixed with four colored gemstones – just the way Freddie would have liked it.

32. ‘The Show Must Go On’ Necklace

Show Must Go On necklace

If Freddie was able to find the will to carry on making music up to the last days of his life, so can you face any difficulty with a grin. This necklace will remind you that no matter how depressing the circumstances may be, you have the courage and strength of will to never give in. On with the show!

33. Freddie Forever Enamel Pin

Freddie Forever pin

That’s Freddie Mercury and that’s Tiffany, one of his beloved cats. It’s been said that he lived with as many as 10 felines in Garden Lodge, his mansion in Kensington. Freddie loved cats so much he dedicated his solo album to them (Jerry, Tom, Oscar, and Tiffany), had pictures taken with them, made a song about one (his favorite, Delilah), and wore a waistcoat with his cats painted on them for the music video for ‘These Are The Days Of Our Lives.’ This enamel pin is the perfect gift for the Freddie Mercury fans and cat lovers in your life.

34. Fat Bottomed Girl Pin

Fat-bottomed girls make the rockin’ world go ’round! Give this to a Queen fan and they’ll surely take it as a compliment!

Fat Bottomed Girl pin

35. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Brass Cuff Bracelet

This brass cuff bracelet is imprinted with sheet music for the song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and an iconic image from the song’s music video. The images are transparent, allowing the sheen to shine through. If you’re on the lookout for birthday gifts for Queen fans, this is a winner.

Bohemian Rhapsody brass cuff bracelet

36. Freddie Mercury Earrings

Let your newest fashion accessory be these earrings featuring Freddie Mercury. Extremely lightweight, these plastic earrings are sure to last the test of time, just like Queen’s songs.

Freddie Mercury earrings

37. Freddie Mercury Charm Bracelet

This wonderfully made charm bracelet features Freddie Mercury, an iconic band photo, and different charms that will make you love Queen even more.

Freddie Mercury charm bracelet

38. Freddie Mercury Bow Tie

Freddie Mercury bow tie

Created by Russian designer Vasilisa Zhurnakova, this bow tie is meticulously handmade and is made using high-quality materials. It’s already shaped out and fixed so there’s no need to tie it yourself – a big whew for those who have no idea how to actually tie a bow tie.

39. Freddie For A Day Baseball Cap

Freddie For A Day Baseball Cap

UV rays crashing onto your face is never a good thing, so keep cool and look cool with this official Freddie For A Day baseball cap. A great Father’s Day gift!

Music, Concerts & Documentaries

40. News Of The World 40th Anniversary Edition With Exclusive Free Art Print

This special box set of the 1977 album News of the World comes with an exclusive 12″ x 12″ print of Frank the robot. Released for the 40th anniversary of the original album release, this package includes the original album on CD, two discs of outtakes and other stuff from the Queen archives, such as an alternative version of the album: Raw Sessions.

News Of The World 40th Anniversary Edition With Exclusive Free Art Print

The set also comes with an analogue re-cut of the original vinyl LP, Queen: The American Dream documentary DVD, a 60-page hardcover book, the original News of the World Press Kit, three art posters, a sticker sheet, and a replica of the 1977 tour laminate. That’s a lot of stuff in the box, which makes this box set one of the best gift ideas for a Queen fan.

41. Queen  On Air CD Box Set

Queen recorded six sessions for the BBC between February 1973 and October 1977, revisiting 19 different songs. It was during this time they made the only known studio recording of the fast version of ‘We Will Rock You.’ This CD box set contains all of the sessions the band did with the BBC, along with other live versions and interviews. The set also includes a 36-page booklet about the sessions, live performances, and interviews.

42. Queen Rock Montreal 1981 and Live Aid 1985 Blu-ray

Queen Rock Montreal 1981 & Live Aid 1985

Queen’s concert in Montreal was the first to be shot on 35mm film. It has been digitally restored and the sound newly mixed and mastered to come up with the best HD concert video ever of the band. It also includes footage from the 1985 Live Aid concert, so yay!

43. The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert Blu-ray

After the death of Freddie Mercury, the remaining members of Queen – Brian, John, and Roger – organized a tribute concert. It was held on April 20, 1992. Joining Queen on stage were some of the best musical talents in the world – Slash, Elton John, George Michael, Metallica, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Robert Plant, and many others. The concert was also a fundraiser for the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert Blu-ray

This Blu-ray set includes the entire concert (opening acts and main set) along with bonus material such as rehearsal footage and photo galleries.

44. A Night At The Odeon – Hammersmith 1975 (Super Deluxe Box Set)

A Night At The Odeon - Hammersmith 1975 box ser

On Christmas Eve in 1975, Queen performed in London’s Hammersmith Odeon. The show was transmitted live on BBC TV and it was the first time the band played a whole gig completely live on TV. For those who weren’t able to see it (or who were possibly not even born yet), this CD box set is for you. Aside from the live recording of the gig, this set also includes a 60-page hardcover book and concert memorabilia, replica of the concert ticket and program, button badges, and a whole lot of other things Queen fans will absolutely love.

45. Queen Concert DVD Box Set – Live at Wembley Stadium, Rock Montreal, Live In Rio, On Fire: Live at the Bowl

Queen Concert DVD Box Set

Four Queen concerts in one package! This six-DVD set showcases the two Wembley concerts, Queen Rock Montreal, On Fire: Live at the Bowl, and Live in Rio. It also includes bonus interviews, bonus performances from Vienna and Tokyo, and a photo gallery.

46. Days of Our Lives Blu-ray

Days of Our Lives Blu-ray

This is a two-part documentary about Queen and includes bonus features and additional sequences, which feature unseen archive footage and unseen interviews that dig deeper into Queen’s history and tell the stories that are not covered in the main feature. Here’s a little taste, one of our favorite clips included in the bonus material:

47. Messenger of The Gods: The Singles

Messenger Of The Gods

Another awesome gift idea for a Freddie Mercury fan is this double CD album of Freddie’s singles. In these singles, you can clearly see the range of his musical talent. The two-disc compilation includes songs like ‘Barcelona’ (with Montserrat Caballé), ‘I Was Born To Love You,’ and his versions of ‘I Can Hear Music’ (as Larry Lurex) and ‘The Great Pretender.’

48. Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender DVD

Freddie Mercury The Great Pretender DVD

This documentary DVD focuses on Freddie Mercury and his solo projects outside of Queen. Through archive footage of video shoots, concerts, and interviews, as well as personal material, this documentary shows a side of Freddie that he rarely showed to the public. You will understand why Freddie said ‘The Great Pretender’ is autobiographical, and it will only make you love Freddie even more.

49. Solo – The Very Best of Freddie Mercury CD Box Set

This box set contains three audio CDs: Freddie Mercury’s two original studio albums (‘Mr. Bad Guy’ and ‘Barcelona’) and a third disc that features selected tracks from the 12-disc edition of The Solo Collection. You can say this set is the cream of the crop!

Solo - The Very Best of Freddie Mercury

Games & Toys

50. Freddie Mercury Action Figure

Freddie Mercury action figure

This Freddie Mercury action figure – in trademark yellow jacket – is fully pose-able and comes with interchangeable hands, heads, and Freddie’s weapon of choice – the half-mic stand (and mic, of course!). The attention to detail is superb. With articulated joints, this realistic-looking action figure can be posed in different ways, allowing you to recreate Freddie’s iconic poses from his live performances. This is truly one of the best Freddie Mercury gifts you can give to a die-hard fan!

51. Queen Monopoly Game

But of course, there’s a Queen Monopoly game! This edition of the much-loved board game brings you on a tour across the world. You will face the challenges that a touring band (Queen, of course!) encounters on the road to success. Buy gig locations, put staging blocks and upgrade to full productions, but do watch out for the usual taxes and (uh-oh) bankruptcy.

The tokens are Queen memorabilia by themselves: Brian May’s Red Special guitar,  Frank the News of the World robot, a hammer (for ‘Hammer to Fall’), a lady on a bicycle (you know which R-18 music video this refers to), a Hoover vacuum cleaner (we don’t need to tell you why), and a little old radio (for what else but ‘Radio Ga Ga’).

What are you waiting for? Play the game already!

Queen Monopoly

52. Freddie Mercury Crochet Doll

Freddie Mercury doll

Aww, how adorable is this Freddie doll? This wonderfully handmade crochet doll is distinctly Freddie Mercury, with its Wembley outfit and yes, even the overbite that fans actually find endearing. A great gift that Queen fans of all ages will surely love.

53. Freddie Mercury Minifigure

Freddie Mercury minifigure

No one can have enough Freddies, so here’s another! A super gift for a super fan, this Freddie Mercury minifig is something you can definitely take along with you anywhere. (Just make sure the cat doesn’t run off with it.)

54. Freddie Mercury Fantasy Banknote

You have Freddie in your heart, but do you have him in your wallet? With this fantasy banknote, you can now have Freddie sitting alongside your dollars, notes, credit cards, or what have you.

Why Zanzibar? Well, it’s the place where little Farrokh Bulsara – before he became Freddie Mercury – was born. This is a really interesting tribute to Freddie, one that fans will definitely be happy to have in their collection. Be careful not to use this to pay for anything, though!

Freddie Mercury fantasy banknote

55. Queen Band Masks

You’ve always dreamed of performing and making songs like Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor. With these masks, you can be Freddie, Brian, John, or Roger any day you like!

Queen Band Masks

56. Freddie Mercury Teddy Bear

This cuddle buddy may have an unusual-looking Freddie Mercury on his shirt, but we’re sure he means well. This teddy bear stands 9 inches high and is the perfect addition to a shelf of Freddie and Queen memorabilia, your car, bed, office desk, overnight bag, or wherever you want to put it. It’s even got a cute little Union Jack!

Freddie Mercury teddy bear

57. SingStar Queen for PlayStation 3

Ready for some karaoke? Power up your PS3, grab your mic, and choose your favorite Queen song. Whichever hit you choose to belt out, make sure you sing it with as much emotion and passion as Freddie. Aim for perfection – it’s the only way you can be a (sing)star!

SingStar Queen

Books & Stationery

58. Queen In 3-D by Brian May

Brian May is a lot of things – Queen guitarist and singer, composer, astrophysicist, hedgehog rescuer…but did you know he’s also a photography nerd? He’s particularly into stereoscopy, an imaging technique that gives a three-dimensional effect to flat images. He’s been creating and collecting stereoscopic images ever since he was a kid, and thanks to that interest we now have this fantastic book of Queen in glorious 3D.

This book is a unique collection of photographs of Queen. The stereoscopic images spring to life when viewed with the patent OWL viewer, designed by Brian himself. They’re so real it seems like you can simply reach out and touch what you see. Trust us when we say this is definitely one of the best books on Queen that a fan will ever have.

Queen In 3-D

59. Queen: The Complete Illustrated Lyrics

Queen: The Complete Illustrated Lyrics

Heralded as the first book of its kind, ‘The Complete Illustrated Lyrics’ showcases not only the lyrics to the Queen songs we all know and love, but also images of handwritten lyrics, rare photographs, and a complete discography.

60. Make Music With Queen (Guitar Tab)

Make Music With Queen guitar tab

This little book is for all of the Queen-loving guitar players out there. ‘Make Music With Queen’ features 15 of the band’s best-written songs, including ‘A Kind Of Magic,’ ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love,’ and ‘You’re My Best Friend.’ It contains lyrics, melody, chords, diagrams, notation, and tablature for guitar – everything you need to make music with Queen.

61. Queen Crest Notebook

Queen Crest Notebook

Write your own songs, take down notes, jot down what you did for the day, make a list of what you need to do tomorrow – whatever it is you want to write down, this notebook can keep it all. This 192-page journal measures 7″ x 7″ and features a full-color Queen crest logo on the front and a back cover pocket for the little bits of paper and whatnot.

62. Mother’s Day Card

Looking for greeting cards? Here’s a simple but fun Mother’s Day gift for your Mama!

Mother's Day Card

63. Father’s Day Card

Of course, there’s a greeting card for your dad as well! A bit cheeky but it’s sure to bring forth a chuckle from your old man.

Father's Day Card

64. Freddie Mercury: The Definitive Biography by Lesley-Ann Jones

Freddie Mercury: The Definitive Biography

This book takes a close look at Freddie Mercury’s life, especially his background and why he felt he needed to keep parts of his life a secret. A very good read for fans who would like to know more about who and how Freddie was away from the cameras and off the stage.

65. Freddie Mercury: A Kind of Magic by Mark Blake

Freddie Mercury: A Kind of Magic

Another book focusing on the life of Queen’s Freddie Mercury, ‘A Kind of Magic’ features a commentary on the legendary musician’s work and includes plenty of photographs to gush over.

66. Somebody to Love: The Life, Death, and Legacy of Freddie Mercury by Matt Richards & Mark Langthorne

This book about Freddie Mercury not only tells about his accomplishments but also lays bare the final years of his life. It reveals stories and previously unknown facts about Freddie, including his lifelong search for love and his contraction of HIV. This book delves into the history of HIV/AIDS, putting Freddie’s situation in context. Definitely a must-read for those who love Freddie and the legacy he left behind.

Somebody to Love: The Life, Death, and Legacy of Freddie Mercury

67. Freddie Mercury: The Biography by Laura Jackson

This book, a bit shorter than most biographies, presents the beginnings of Queen, particularly Freddie, and the social and cultural situation of the era when they started their music career.

If it wasn’t for Freddie Mercury, Queen as we know it would not even exist.

Easy to read and hard to put down, this book also gives a detailed description of the performances and recordings the band made.

Freddie Mercury: The Biography

68. Freddie Mercury: His Life in His Own Words by Greg Brooks, Simon Lupton, & Jer Bulsara

Despite Freddie Mercury’s charisma on stage, in truth he was a very shy and private person. This story is told in Freddie’s own words, culled from published and unpublished interviews spanning 20 years. Jer Bulsara, Freddie’s mother, wrote a short foreword for the title. She said that she hopes readers enjoy reading Freddie’s own words, “for they illuminate the wonderful man he was.”

Freddie Mercury: His Life in His Own Words

69. Mercury and Me by Jim Hutton & Tim Wapshott

Mercury and Me

Jim Hutton was Freddie Mercury’s partner, and he helped take care of Freddie until the end. This book gives an insight into the relationship between two people who cared very deeply for each other. This is a Freddie story told from a different point of view, so don’t expect any discussions about Freddie’s musical genius.

70. Queen Unseen: My Life with the Greatest Rock Band of the 20th Century by Peter Hince

There are plenty of Freddie Mercury/Queen biographies and similar items out there but what sets this book apart is that it’s told from the point of view of an insider.

Queen Unseen

Peter Hince, AKA Ratty, worked alongside Queen as the head of their road crew. As Freddie Mercury and John Deacon’s roadie, he got an inside look at what goes on backstage. Ratty was actually with Freddie when he composed ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love,’ and he made sure that Freddie’s performances on stage went smoothly. Ratty also took photos, and this book is packed with those insider snapshots that have never before been seen by the public. A must-have gift for Queen fans.

71. Freddie Mercury: An Illustrated Life by Mark Blake

This book about Freddie Mercury’s life and work with Queen and as a solo artist is fully illustrated with previously unpublished photos along with archive memorabilia. It includes quotes, Freddie’s discography and relevant timelines that any Queen and Freddie fan would truly appreciate.

Freddie Mercury: An Illustrated Life


72. Queen, Revised & Updated: The Ultimate Illustrated History of the Crown Kings of Rock by Phil Sutcliffe

This book is the first complete illustrated history of Queen and includes concert and off-stage photography from the band’s illustrious and interesting career in the music industry. It is also packed with images of LPs and singles, concert posters, backstage passes and all sorts of Queen memorabilia from across the world. If you love Queen and seeing photos of the band, this is a must-have item in your Queen collection.

The Ultimate Illustrated History of the Crown Kings of Rock

73. Queen: On Camera, Off Guard 1969-82 by Mark Hayward

This awesome book features pictures of Freddie Mercury from his beginnings as a performer with Ibex in 1969 all the way to 1982, when the world started seeing more of Queen. The variety of pictures and stories makes this a very entertaining book to read again and again.

Queen: On Camera, Off Guard

74. Freddie Mercury Stamp Design Postcard

In 1999, the UK’s post office The Royal Mail produced a Freddie Mercury Millennium Stamp. It was part of a ‘Great Britons’ issue. Freddie’s stamp, however, became highly controversial – not because of Freddie, mind you, but because of Roger Taylor.

In the stamp, behind Freddie and the drum kit, sits Queen’s drummer. Of course. However, according to Royal Mail guidelines, the only living people stamps are supposed to depict are members of the Royal Family. Granted, Roger is a Queen, but that doesn’t really count. Well, it must have slipped past the Queen (the person, not the band) as Roger’s image is really very very tiny.

The Royal Mail let it pass. And besides, the stamps had already been put on sale.

This postcard gives you a larger view of that controversial stamp – makes you think they could have chosen another photo to use, yeah? Still, it’s a cool Queen memorabilia!

Freddie Mercury stamp design postcard


75. Freddie Mercury iPhone Case

This slim and lightweight iPhone case adds a great iconic design to your phone without adding the bulk! Made of impact-resistant polycarbonate material, it has a Freddie Mercury print that will make your phone – and its case – the envy of your peers.

Freddie Mercury iPhone case

76. Freddie Mercury Travel Mug

Take your favorite brew and frontman with you everywhere with this Freddie Mercury travel mug. This is an insulated stainless steel travel gift mug with a removable lid. It’s completely dishwasher-safe too.

Freddie Mercury travel mug

77. Freddie Mercury Laptop Skin

Freddie Mercury laptop skin

There’s Freddie Mercury, and then there’s Mercury the planet. You can have both in this laptop skin that features Freddie’s iconic yellow jacket and a mustachioed Mercury (the planet). Very clever!

78. Freddie Mercury Mug

Not Freddie’s exact words exactly, but close!

Freddie Mercury mug

Chris Smith, who played keyboards for Smile (which evolved into Queen), was once told by Freddie about how he would never be a pop star. “I’m gonna be a legend,” Freddie said with a flourish. If you know someone who has the conviction and determination to reach their dreams, this coffee mug is perfect for them.

79. Queen Archive Edition: Innuendo Bone China Tea Pot + Tea Cups & Saucers

Queen Innuendo Bone China Tea Set

For your afternoon tea or morning coffee, darlings! This tea set is made from fine bone china and features re-imagined artwork from the ‘Innuendo’ album. The set contains a six-cup teapot and two teacups and saucers. Everything is stamped at the base with a Queen Archive Edition logo.

80. Freddie For A Day Mug

We reckon you’ll have a lot of fun taking a sip (and a selfie!) from this Freddie For A Day gift mug. With the right angle, you’ll become Freddie at every sip.

Freddie For A Day mug

81. Killer Queen Vodka

A built-in remedy for Khrushchev and Kennedy. Guaranteed to blow your mind…anytime!

Vodka is Freddie’s drink of choice on and off tour. This Killer Queen Vodka was produced using European wheat and distilled seven times. No added sugar and water! This super-premium vodka would make a great gift for a vodka and Queen lover. Even if you don’t drink, the bottle itself is a nice official Queen collectible.

Killer Queen Vodka

82. Freddie Mercury Mug & Coaster Set

Freddie Mercury Mug And Coaster Set

How about having Freddie’s powerful stage presence on your table? This gift mug and coaster set has a pop art design that really catches the eye and shows Freddie in all his Live Aid glory. Best way to enjoy a hut cup of chocolate.

83. Queen iPad Air 2 Case

Queen iPad Air 2 case

Stylish and functional, this official Queen soft leather wallet-style case is designed for your iPad 2. It features one of Freddie’s signature poses at the Wembley concert on the front cover. Inside are multiple card slots and a magnetic closure system.

Home Decor & DIY

84. Flip Frame

Flip Frame

Vinyl records are back in action, and more and more people are rediscovering or developing a new appreciation for record cover art. This flip frame is a nifty device that allows you to display the cover artwork and change the contents without having to remove the frame from the wall. This is a great gift idea for record-collecting Queen fans.

85. Freddie Mercury Crown & Cloak Throw Pillow

Whether you’re just lounging around or taking a long beauty sleep, you’ll love having this Freddie Mercury pillow by your side!

Freddie Mercury pillow

86. Queen Cats Throw Pillow

Queen Cats Throw Pillow

And here’s the whole gang, meow-style! There’s John, Roger, Freddie, and Brian decked out in their Wembley concert outfits. You’ll want to cuddle with this pillow all night and all day long.

87. Queen Vinyl Wall Art

Queen vinyl wall art

Old vinyl records headed for the bin are given new life in wall art, such as this fantastic Queen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ piece. It adds a nice touch to any bedroom, home studio, study area, or any space whatsoever. 

88. Freddie Mercury Vinyl Wall Clock

Freddie Mercury vinyl wall clock

Looking for a great house warming gift? How about something dual-purpose? This one isn’t just a vinyl wall art, it’s also a clock! You’ll be checking the time every few minutes just to see Freddie! 

89. Freddie Mercury ‘I Want To Break Free’ Embroidery

We love how creative crafters can get, which is why we’re recommending this piece of Freddie awesomeness as an art gift for a Queen fan. This embroidery perfectly captures Freddie’s wink in the ‘Break Free’ video – give him a wink back!

Freddie Mercury embroidery

90. Freddie Mercury Cut & Fold Book Pattern

Amazing what you can do with old books that no one reads anymore. If you have one or two laying around just collecting dust, and if you can follow a basic set of instructions, this DIY cut and fold project is for you. The pattern comes as a downloadable file, so get your printer and craft supplies ready!

Freddie Mercury book cut & fold pattern

91. Freddie Mercury Cross Stitch Pattern

If cutting and folding up book pages isn’t your thing, how about trying out some basic stitches? This cross stitch pattern lets you create pixel Freddies in his different iconic outfits, from the ‘Radio Ga Ga’ leather and pleated satin butterfly outfit to the Live Aid and ‘Mediterranean prawn’ costume. Have fun!

Freddie Mercury cross stitch pattern

92. Freddie Mercury Wall Decal

A simple wall decal with a huge impact. If you’re looking for more wall art gifts, this Freddie Mercury decal would look great on a music room or rec room wall, or anywhere you listen to Queen!

Freddie Mercury wall decal

93. Freddie Mercury Pillowcase

Freddie Mercury pillowcase

Freddie’s got an enchanting, hypnotic look about him, don’t you think? He’s sort of telling you that you are definitely feeling sleepy now and that the bed is oh so comfy and soft. You will feel yourself being pulled down, down…until you’re off to dreamland, being taken by Freddie to the Seven Seas of Rhye.

94. Queen Guitar Pick Magnets

These Queen fridge magnets would look awesome not only on your fridge but also your white board or any other metallic surface you want to stick them on. They will keep your little notes in place and will actually motivate you to look at them and well, be reminded of what you need to be reminded about.

Queen Guitar Pick Magnets

95. Freddie Mercury Prayer Candle

Last but certainly not the least in our list of recommended Freddie Mercury gifts is this (parody) prayer candle featuring the sacred heart of Freddie. One of the best things to have on your Freddie Mercury shrine!

Freddie Mercury prayer candle