50 Awesome Gifts For Book Lovers

Gifts for book lovers? What do you get someone who loves reading books? More books? Perhaps. You might just grab a book from the bestseller’s list of your local bookstore but more often than not, your bibliophile friend might have already read it. We have compiled a list of 50 items (most of them NOT books) that any book lover is sure to enjoy. Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, or any special occasion, you are sure to find something to give your friend or family member who is a book addict.

Bookmarks Are For Quitters Mug

This mug is for that friend who can finish an entire book in one sitting. The ceramic mug can hold up to 15 ounces of your favorite drink whether it’s hot chocolate, coffee, or a delicious cup of root beer float. The mug is made of high-quality ceramic and is ideal for those time when you just want to immerse yourself in a book while sipping your choice of drink.

Storage Box Bookends

These book-themed bookends are not just for keeping your books upright and in place. They are also secret storage boxes where you can hide your valuables like keys, extra cash, documents, and other small trinkets. Each bookend is made of wood and painted intricately.

Top 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

This scratch-off poster is a cool way to keep track of which books you have read. The poster comes with 100 books from different genres. When you have read a book, simply scratch off the golden layer to reveal an icon. This is a great gift to any book lover as it lists classics, award-winning masterpieces, and even children’s books. Have it framed or taped it on the wall!

Lumio Book Lamp

It’s no surprise that book lovers love receiving book but this is not something they would expect. This book lamp from Lumio is made of wooden materials. It can be used as a desk lamp or a hanging lamp and it can bend 360 degrees. It’s a rechargeable lamp that can be a decorative piece.

Jane Austen Coasters Set Of 6

This is a unique gift for the ultimate Jane Austen fan. The set of 6 coasters, made of neoprene material, features six of Austen’s literary pieces — Emma, Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, and Northanger Abbey. Each coaster has a matte finish with a rubber back that prevents slipping.

Library Card Socks

Keep your feet warm and cozy while reading your favorite book with this pair of socks. The feature a design that looks just like a library card, something unique and is sure to put a smile on book lovers’ faces. The socks are made of a combination of spandex, cotton, and polyester, ensuring breathability and comfort.

Book Club Topics

This is the perfect gift for that friend who is part of a book club. This box consists of book club topics so members don’t have to think of which topics to discuss. It’s an easy way to start conversations about characters and plots of books. The box consists of 135 questions.

Handcrafted Book Necklace

This dainty necklace is a wonderful gift for someone who loves reading fairytales and fantasy books. The pendant is a book with the inscription “Once upon a time…” and it is made of metal with a high-gloss finish. The pendant hangs from a 16-inch long chain. The necklace comes in a box, ready for gifting.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Enjoy some reading time while relaxing in your tub with this bathtub caddy. Whether you enjoy reading a physical book or a story on your Kindle, this caddy is sure to keep the water away. The caddy is made of bamboo and can be adjusted to fit almost any type of tub. It has slots for your book, smartphone, soap, towel, candles, a drink, and other items you need for a relaxing bath.

Quilted Throw Blanket

Stay cozy while reading your favorite book with this cotton throw blanket. the blanket features 2 designs, one on each side. One one side a shelf of books is seen and the other side features a paisley pattern. This blanket is made of 100% cotton and is comfortable and soft. It’s the perfect gift for that friend who loves getting lost in a book.

Bookopoly Board Game

This is a fun game that will keep book lovers battling for hours to see who can get the most money. Bookopoly is the classic game of Monopoly with a book theme. Instead of purchasing properties, players will be battling to claim different books. This is a great gift for those who enjoy board games as well as books.

Book Stand with Removeable Light

This practical gift is sure to be appreciated by book lovers. This bookstand is great for those who love reading for long period of time as it supports the book at eye-level. It also features clips at the bottom to keep the book open. In addition, the book stand comes with a removeable light for convenient reading in low light conditions.

The Book Was Better Enamel Pin

This enamel pin is the perfect gift for that friend who always insists that the book is better than the movie adaptation. The pin measures about 1.5 inches wide and can be attached on lapels, bags, and hats.

Paddywax Library Collection – Edgar Allan Poe

Set the mood before you curl up and read your favorite book with the help of this scented candle. This candle is from the Paddywa Library Collection named after poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe. It features a combination of the scents cardamom, absinthe, and sandalwood. The candle burns for approximately 60 hours and comes in a gift box.

Stacked Books Tissue Box

You might need some tissues from time to time when you become invested in an emotional story. This tissue dispenser disguised as a stack of books is just what you need. This clever design features three antique-style books stacked on top of one another. it’s perfect for your living room or home library.

Sherlock Holmes Print

This cool theater print is a great gift for fans of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. The poster is a reproduction of the four-act Sherlock Holmes play featuring actor William Gillette. The print measures 11 in. by 14. in. and can easily be inserted into a ready-made frame. It’s an awesome decorative piece for any Sherlock Holmes fan.

The Book Lover’s Cookbook

This is the perfect gift for that friend who loves cooking as much as reading books. This cookbook features several recipes that are mentioned or inspired by literary works. Learn to make salads, sandwiches, desserts, and other delicious dishes while enjoying passages from the books that inspired them. This is a wonderful way to combine two interests.

Library Card Notepad

Keep track of the things that you need to do with this notepad that looks just like a classic library card. Jot down your tasks and check them when they’re done! This is one of the things that you need to get organized. It’s useful for any task you need to do whether you have deadlines at work or chores that need to be finished.

DIY Miniature Library Building Set

If you or someone you know love doing arts and crafts, then this kit is sure to be something you will enjoy. This DIY building set features a library filled with books and other trinkets. The set comes with all the materials that you need for building this miniature scene. It’s also the perfect gift to give your friends who enjoy crafts.

Wood Bin Organizer

This wood bin organizer looks just like a compartment from a card catalog shelf. This is a wonderful way to add a vintage flair to your desk. Place office supplies, letters, trinkets, and other items to keep your desk organized. The bin also comes with a label holder.

Aromatherapy Incense Sticks

Create a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying a good book with the help of these aromatherapy incense sticks. This pack consists of 120 sticks with 6 different scents. Each stick is a combination of three scents for stress relief, relaxation, meditation, and more. This is a simple gift that your book-loving friends are sure to appreciate.

Hardback Leather Book Laptop Case

Keep your laptop protected with this laptop case that looks just like an old book. The case is made of durable, leather hardback covers to keep your laptop safe from dents and scratches. The laptop case closes with a zipper and has a padded interior. This is a great gift for students and friends who love reading.

Go Away I’m Reading Box Sign

This box sign is for that friend who would rather spend time reading than doing anything else. The sign is made of high-quality wood and measures 7 in. by 4 in. It’s a cool decorative piece in the living room or library and can be displayed free-standing or can be hung on a wall.

My Weekend Is Booked Cushion Cover

Let everyone know that you are going to spend your weekend reading books with this cushion cover. The quirky cushion cover fits 18 in. by 18 in. pillows and is made of cotton linen. The cover closes with a hidden zipper. This makes a cute gift for anyone who loves reading books.

1,000 Books To Read Before You Die

It’s difficult to give a book lover a book since you have to idea which ones they have read. This book may be able to solve your problem. The book contains a list and description of 1,000 books that the author suggests you have to read in your lifetime. it consists of books in several genres and you are sure to find something new.

Pride & Poetry: Magnetic Poetry Kit

A magnetic poetry kit is a good gift to give someone who loves reading or writing. This one, however, has a Jane Austen theme and provides more than 200 “Austenesque” words to enjoy. The magnetic word strips can be attached to any steel surface. Jane Austen fans are sure to love this wonderful kit.

Magnetic Bookmarks – Set of 5

Bookmarks are easy to lose but with this set, you don’t have to worry about them falling off your book. This set of 5 magnetic bookmarks are just what you need. Each bookmark is made of paper with two magnets so you can easily slip the bookmark on a page and not have it move from its place. It’s a simple yet functional gift for book lovers.

Grammar Nazi Mug

We all have that one friend whose pet peeve is wrong grammar, and it’s most likely the one who loves reading books. This quirky mug is a great gift for grammar nerds who always corrects you when you make a mistake. It’s also a cute decorative piece for holding pens and other trinkets.

Little Free Library Building Kit

Share your favorite books with your friends and family with this mini library building kit. The kit includes all the materials that you need in order to create this tiny library. All you have to do is to fill it up with the books that you want to share. This is a cool gift for those who want to share their wealth of knowledge with others.

Reversible Sherpa Throw Blanket

Make yourself comfortable while reading your favorite book with the help of this faux-sheepskin throw blanket. The blanket will leave you feeling warm and cozy with its super soft material. In addition, it is reversible and you can leave on your couch or reading chair as a decorative piece. This makes a wonderful gift for book lovers who always find time to relax while enjoying a good book.

LED Page Magnifier

Reading can be quite hard when the text is small. Thankfully, you can easily remedy that with this LED page magnifier. This will be helpful for anyone you know who has a hard time reading due to poor eyesight, perhaps your parents or grandparents. The magnifier also comes with LED lights directed towards the text.

Libraries: Candida Höfer

Anyone who collects coffee table books and reading is sure to love this book that contains a collection of images by renowned German photographer Candida Höfer. The book contains beautiful photographs of libraries that are found in the different parts of the globe. Flip through the pages and be transported to another world where you are surrounded by hundreds of books.

Library Scented Candle

Have you ever wondered what a library would smell like when made into a scented candle? Wonder no more. This scented candle is what the makers imagine a library would smell like. It has a combination of vanilla, cedar, amber, and leather-bound books. This soy candle is the perfect gift for any book lover. It burns for more than 40 hours and has a relaxing scent, perfect for lighting while reading a book.

Library Card Tote Bag

This cotton canvas tote bag makes a cute gift for book lovers. It features a library card design. Users can even customize the bag by filling in the spaces. This bag can be used to carry groceries, books, gadgets, and more. In addition, each purchase provides funds for literacy programs.

Vintage Locket Pendant

This vintage-style pendant is a beautiful gift for your friend who is a book lover. The front of the locket shows a row of books. The pendant can be opened and a photo can be placed inside. The pendant measures a little over an inch and hangs from a 21-inch chain that can be adjusted.

So Many Books Socks

This pair of super cute socks is perfect for any book lover. The socks feature a design of books all over and has a hidden message when the wearer’s feet are put up: “So many books, so little time.” The socks are made of soft, stretchy material for ultimate comfort.

Postcards From Penguin: 100 Book Covers In 1 Box

This set of 100 postcards is a cool gift for book lovers who are also into collecting. The box contains 100 postcards that feature book covers from Penguin. The box features book covers from several genres including classics, crime, adventure, and many more. The postcards can also be used as decorative pieces for the home or office.

Custom Embosser

Personalize your books and create your own mini library with the help of this custom embosser. You can add your initials, signature, graphics, or a logo to the custom embosser. It can be used for envelopes, napkins, paper, and especially, on the front page of your books. It’s a wonderful way to put your mark on the books you own, especially if you lend books from your collection.

Skull and Raven Bookends

If you have that friend who has an interest in the macabre, this is a cool gift that you can give. This pair of bookends feature a crow perched upon a human skull. It’s a cool way to keep books organized and they also make nice decorative pieces. Each bookend is made from high-quality polyresin and painted with intricate details.

Library Card Coasters

Bring your love of books into your home with this set of 4 coasters. Each coaster measures 4 in. by 4 in. and has a library card design that has stamped due dates. The set comes with a coaster stand. This is a wonderful gift for your friends who love coffee or tea as much as they love books.

Reading Pillow

Give the gift of comfort to your book-loving friend with this reading pillow. This memory foam pillow is super comfortable and ideal for long hours of reading. It support the back and shoulders to prevent aches and pains. The pillow also comes with a handle so it can be carried from room to room.

Personal Library Kit

This kit is for those who want to keep track of all the books that they lend to friends and family. This personal library kit comes with borrower’s cards, date stamp, an ink pad, and self-adhesive pockets. Now you won’t ever have to think hard to remember who borrowed your precious books.

Professional Bookworm Mug

This mug is just what you need to tell the world your profession: Professional Bookworm! Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee with this mug. It can also be used in your office or home library to hold pens, bookmarks, and other trinkets. The mug is made of ceramic and dishwasher and microwave safe.

LED Neck Reading Light

Sometimes, a night lamp is not enough for reading before bed. Make sure you have enough light on your book with the help of this LED neck reading light. It’s a hands-free way to keep light focused where you want. The reading light makes use of blue light-free LED to avoid giving you eye strain. It also has 3 brightness levels that you can adjust according to your liking.

Ex Libris: 100+ Books to Read and Reread

In this book, the author provides a hundred books that have made an impact on her and are still relevant to this day. the books mentioned include classics, non-fiction, fiction, memoirs, and more. The text is accompanied by illustrations as well. This is a good way to discover new books to read or add to your library.

Antiquarian Bookplates

This set of bookplates is a nice gift for your book-loving friends. The bookplates feature different designs and all you have to do is write your name to personalize it. Attach them to your books in your collection. Each bookplate also features quotes from different authors.

Literary Insults Poster

Looking for a quirky gift for that friend who loves books? Look no further. This poster of literary insults is a unique and funny gift that bibliophiles are sure to appreciate. The poster features insulting quotes from well-known writers such as Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, and many more.

Library of Congress Notecards

This item is a cool addition to your home library. It’s a replica of a catalog box containing 30 notecards reproduced from The Library of Congress. the cards contain handwritten and typed notecards that chronicles different types of books. Anyone who loves books and enjoy visiting libraries is sure to enjoy this item.

Temperature Control Mug

Don’t let a hot cup of your favorite drink go to waste. Sometimes, we get so immersed in a good book that we neglect a steaming cup of beverage and end up with a cold drink. Eliminate that problem with this temperature control mug. You can easily control the temperature of your beverage with an app and can keep your drink hot for up to 1.5 hours on battery.

The Writer’s Library

Have you ever wondered what authors read? You can get the answer inside this book. The Writer’s Library features some of the books that have made an impact on some of your favorite American authors. 23 writers share the literary works that have inspired them or changed their lives. This is a good way to know what goes on in the mind of your favorite authors when they create their own masterpieces.